Sam & Max finally has an Oculus Quest release window

The next title Sam and Max: This Time It’s Virtual will be released on Oculus Quest next June, to enjoy it this summer.

Credit: HappyGiant

More than 10 years after the last opus of Sam & Max, the police duo will finally return to a virtual reality game for which an Oculus Quest release window has been confirmed. In a blog post, Facebook announced that the game will be available from June, but it is not yet clear on what exact date. However, we know that the title will be worn on other virtual reality platforms. Later in the year Sam & Max : This Time It’s Virtual! will arrive on SteamVR and Viveport. Finally, in 2022, the game will be available on PlayStation VR. Knowing that Sony has already announced that it is working on a new virtual reality headset, it is likely that the game will be present in the launch line-up.

Sam & Max is a video game license whose first opus was released in 1993. It was a successful series until the 2000s, with the last opus to date Sam and Max : The Devil’s Playhouse released in 2010. More than 10 years after the game is therefore back in a current and modernized version taking advantage of the technology of the virtual reality. The studio behind this latest title, HappyGiant, has recruited former developers from LucasArts and Telltale who have worked on older franchise games. This should not therefore distort the original soul of the characters who marked the childhood of many players. A video presentation of the gameplay is already available if you are curious to see what the game will look like once released on the platforms concerned.

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