To collaboratively generate multi-shot concert videos

Shortly a new mobile application will arrive on the Android and iOS platforms to enable people who go to the concerts, both in person and online, to share their videos in a synchronized way with other attendees to enable each of them to creation of high-quality personalized multi-shot videos, where an Artificial Intelligence algorithm will be in charge of editing the personalized videos according to the preferences and styles established by each user in the application.

The most interesting thing is that the Artificial Intelligence algorithm itself will be able to accept videos of different qualities in order to homogenize them, giving them the best possible quality in the edition itself, discarding only those videos that do not exceed a minimum quality.

It will also serve as a source of income for the musicians themselves.

In addition, you will use the music directly from the sound tables to ensure the best possible audio quality. In this way, the resulting videos can be downloaded at high quality and shared in social media, with direct access to some of the most popular platforms, promoting the musicians themselves.

But this application will not only serve for the followers to contribute their video material of the concerts, since the application itself is also designed to allocate up to 90% of the income to the musicians themselves, being a means of income that will reach them in a time when the coronavirus pandemic has left them virtually idle for a long time.

For this, the application will have different ways of bringing sponsorships to the video editing, alternatively offering the possibility that users can obtain the edited videos without any form of integrated sponsorship by paying only one euro.

Behind this application is IZI Record, a start-up company based in Catalonia, which has just been awarded a grant from the Catalan agency Acció, focused on helping start-ups that are at a very early stage.

It is likely that little by little the activity of live concerts will be resumed, from smaller to larger scale, according to the possibilities that are being considered to allow their safe celebrations, as the health authorities in each territory also allow. , according to the evolution of the pandemic.

It will be a matter of waiting for the new application to arrive so that users can have the videos of their favorite musicians’ concerts generated with their videos and the videos of other attendees.

Via: Todo Startups
Image Credit: Track Record

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