Alexa in the van for on the go

Is this the smartest campervan in Germany? Tech youtuber Venix presents his smart DIY van in a room tour. From a smart rain shower to a SmartMirror to lighting control, a former delivery truck has now become a campervan with Amazon Alexa voice control.

Citroen Jumper L4H2 – you don’t have to do without comfort even when camping

The tech youtuber Constantin Renke alias Venix takes you on his YouTube channel and takes you on a room tour through his converted Citroen Jumper L4H2. Before the conversion, it was a former white delivery van that is now presented in matt black. The windows are opaque and you can already see from the outside that this has nothing to do with a normal delivery van.

Tinted windows, solar panels on the roof, fancier rims – this is how the video begins. But what is hidden inside the vehicle? With so many smart bells and whistles, monitoring is of course necessary. This is implemented using ring alarms and ring motion sensors. There is a push message on the smartphone when movement is detected in the van. There are hardly any switches in the van, everything runs via app or using Alexa voice control.

Smart rain shower and smart mirror

The self-made rain shower at the entrance of the van can be opened with the command “Alexa, shower on / off” Taxes. A small curtain protects against splashing water. Right next to it is the ventilation that transports the hot steam to the outside. All he has to do is say “Alexa, fan on / off“.

An intelligent mirror (Smart Mirror) was attached directly to the partition wall to the driver’s area. This provides the current date / time and shows weather information about the current location.


The entire van is lit directly and indirectly with smart lamps. A couple of GU 10 spots and colored LED strips illuminate the sides or base units. Yeelight LED strips are also used here and can be activated using the Alexa voice command “Alexa, light on / off” serve.

Let the water go – sink, drinking water and mini dishwasher

The faucet listens to the command “Alexa, water on“And can be used with a hose from outside the van. A drinking water tap fills a glass with the perfect amount of water. Alexa listens to the command “Alexa, make me a glass of water ”. The refrigerator can also be switched off when not in use. Oven, microwave, Monsieur Cuisine and gas stove complete the small kitchenette.

Venix Campervan "Water march"

Other smart things

But there are also many other things that create a feel-good atmosphere in the small van. In addition to underfloor heating, there is both a Playstation and a projector on board. A lametric shows him his YouTube followers at any time. On the Xioami Populele he practices playing the oculele on the way. Much is controlled by means of a 4th generation Echo.

But it’s best to take a look at the video for yourself.


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Do you also have self-made solutions and would like to present them? What do you think of Venix Van? Gimmick or very useful in a confined space? Let us know in the comments!

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