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RED by SFR, Prixtel and B & You are posting shocking offers on their mobile plans. The promotions are already ending in the coming days. Below, the detail of each of them.

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As April has just started, several operators have decided to unveil offers on their mobile plans. This weekend is an excellent time to choose a new offer while making great savings. The three players who offer discounts all offer non-binding formulas that stand out from the market.

See the RED by SFR package

The mobile plan has the best value for money in the first year. RED by SFR and Prixtel present themselves as benchmark operators whose prices remain very competitive. You should find the offer that best suits your needs and your budget from this list.

The most popular mobile plan

RED by SFR is a major player in the mobile plan market. It took less than ten years for this operator to present itself as one of the benchmarks in the sector. And for good reason, it offers an offer that is transparent and accessible as well as some additional advantages. Please note, these offers end on April 6 at midnight.

RED by SFR’s first mobile plan is presented as an excellent compromise, it offers the best value for money in the operator’s range. With the current offer this weekend, its price drops to 15 euros per month instead of 20 euros for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB (including 12 GB from the EU and the DOM).

To see the RED by SFR mobile plan, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR package

RED by SFR is not just limited to this mobile plan, it also offers a plan at 13 per month instead of 15 euros for 60 GB of data (including 9 from the EU and the overseas departments). If these two subscriptions do not include enough data for you, the operator also has an offer at 19 euros per month instead of 25 euros for 130 GB of data. This can also be transformed into a 5G version with the same number of GB of Internet for 24 euros per month. In all cases, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited.

RED by SFR unveils a latest mobile plan for customers who don’t want a lot of data. It is currently returning to 5 euros per month (instead of 10 euros) for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 1 GB of data (from France, the EU and the overseas departments). This is perfect if you don’t want to neglect calls and messages, but don’t need internet services or mobile apps.

All mobile plans, in version 1, 60, 100 or 130 GB, are non-binding. You are not doomed to remain a customer with the operator for a defined period of time, you have the option of choosing another uncomplicated offer.

Prixtel and its flexibility

Prixtel offers a mobile plan that is quite different from the majority of offers on the market. The monthly price of its formula is based on data consumption, it is not determined according to a fixed price intended to remain the same over time. The user can choose the SFR or Orange network (and change later if necessary).

Prixtel posted a first mobile plan called “Le petit”. Right now this is one of the best deals on the market, especially in the first year. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited while the consumption of Internet GB determines the price every month. The operator has set up a tier system to make his subscription easy to understand:

The operation of this mobile plan is very transparent. Let’s imagine that you take this offer that you use 7 GB of data during the month: the invoice would be 4.99 euros. If you consumed 11 GB the following month, the price would drop to 7.99 euros. It’s the same every month. Rather than paying a fixed price which may seem high for your usage, you only pay for what you use.

To find out more about Prixtel’s mobile plan in detail, it’s here:

See the Prixtel package

Prixtel offers two other versions of its mobile plan, they are perfect for users who need more data. Like the “Le petit” offer, “Le grand” and “Le Géant” include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. These subscriptions operate on the same tier system.

“Le grand” subscription:

  • From 0 to 40 GB = 7.99 euros per month
  • From 40 to 60 GB = 10.99 euros per month
  • From 60 to 80 GB = 12.99 euros per month

“The giant” subscription:

  • From 0 to 100 GB = 14.99 euros per month
  • From 100 to 150 GB = 19.99 euros per month
  • From 150 to 200 GB = 24.99 euros per month

Prixtel offers all these plans without obligation, you are free to leave whenever you want to take another mobile plan. The prices displayed are valid for one year, you can consult the details on the operator’s website.

B & You, a reliable package

B & You is a leading player in the telecoms market. Its subscriptions are in direct competition with the offers of RED by SFR, the two players are regularly in competition over who will attract the most customers. B & You also knows how to put forward arguments that justify its success with the public, including a cheap and efficient mobile plan. All its formulas are entitled to reductions this weekend, they end on April 7.

Currently, B & You is betting on a first mobile plan at only 14.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB of data (including 12 usable from the EU and the overseas departments). This is a good compromise in terms of data and price, there is a good chance that the volume will be sufficient for your use.

To see the B & You mobile plan, it’s here:

See the B & You package

The cheapest mobile plan from B & You costs 4.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of data (usable from France, the EU and the overseas departments). This is the cheapest offer from the operator, it is ideal for customers who do not have a smartphone or who use it very little.

B & You put forward two other offers. There is a mobile plan at 12.99 euros per month for 60 GB and a second offer at the price of 19.99 euros per month for 160 GB of data. With the latter, you are guaranteed not to run out of data every month. These offers are all non-binding.

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