Google Nest – New Video Doorbell Coming?

The latest version of the Google Home app currently provides information on a possible new doorbell from Google Nest.

Google Home app version 2.35 provides information

I recently discovered a new Google device at the FCC, which, according to initial assumptions, could represent a new Nest camera. However, it could also be a new Nest Video doorbell, which our colleagues from now have 9TO5Google discovered in the new version of the Google Home app. The image of the back of a previously unknown device appears there, which strongly suggests a Nest doorbell due to its shape.

Nest Türklingel

This would definitely fit in the temporal connection with the find at the FCC and the appearance of the Nest Hub 2. In addition, the first generation of the Nest Hello is already a few years old, because it was already on the market in 2017.

As soon as there is more news on this topic, I will of course keep you up to date.

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