Twitter confirms the arrival of Spaces on its web version

After the Android and iOS applications, it is the turn of the web version to integrate the new functionality. Twitter will soon make it possible to create audio conferences the Clubhouse style.

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Audio is invited on all platforms, and Twitter is no exception. The social network has developed a functionality similar to Clubhouse, which allows you to participate or organize audio conferences. If it was already available on the mobile versions of the application, the platform intends soon to integrate it into its interface on the web. It was the often very knowledgeable Jane Manchum Wong who shared the news via a screenshot. Asked by The Verge, the social network quickly confirmed the news without specifying, however, when Space would land on our browsers. It will undoubtedly be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience, the launch of the mobile versions having been made only a few weeks ago.

Periscope features to develop Space

Periscope it’s over. As the firm had announced last december, the social network launched 5 years ago will cease to exist. The first step in this announced death begins with the withdrawal of the Android and iOS stores. Since yesterday, it is no longer possible to download it. However, the adventure of the teams behind Periscope does not end there. Now they are focusing on developing new features for Twitter. Their expertise will allow the social network to anchor itself in the live market and to compete with other players in the sector such as Discord, which is also working on a functionality similar to what Clubhouse already offers. It remains to be seen how the two universes will collaborate and how Twitter will develop its application in the coming years. On Twitter precisely, Periscope sent a message to its users. ” That’s it. Our last farewell. Today marks the last day of Periscope’s existence. We leave you with gratitude for all of the creators and viewers who have brightened up the Periscope community. We hope to see you all live on Twitter. ”

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