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Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now halfway through. In this third episode, things get tough for Sam and Bucky, who will have to ally themselves with a former enemy to get their hands on the serum developed in secret by the CIA.

Things are speeding up in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and for good reason. The series is now halfway through and obviously, we will still take full eyes. This third episode asks a few questions, which the series should answer later. However, there were details not to be missed.

Zemo puts on the mask

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If you haven’t seen Captain America : Civil War, his name probably doesn’t ring a bell. Yet Baron Zemo is an iconic villain of the universe and his appearance in Falcon and the Winter Soldier is not trivial. He embarked on a crusade against superheroes, after the disappearance of his country: Sokovia. Locked up since, he is freed by Bucky and Sam – who at first did not really agree with this idea – to help the two heroes in their quest for the serum. Its introduction in Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the opportunity for Marvel to give some details about his character in the comics. We see him for the first time with his costume, a purple mask that he wears to conceal his identity. For the moment, in the series, it is not yet clear what role he will play. We do know, however, that this mask is not new and that he must have used it several times in the past. In the comics, Zemo is an engineer who uses his inventions to avenge his father’s death, by capturing Captain America for example. He has been disfigured and puts on the mask to hide his injuries. It remains to be seen from now on how the series will use his costume in the plot.

Bucky could fall back into his old ways

While he seems freed from Hydra’s grip, Bucky has yet to fight all of his demons. In a muscular sequence, the character seems to fall back into his old ways with a little too easily. On several occasions, Baron Zemo indicates that it will be difficult for him to become docile again and that he could sink at any moment. The series may explore this detail in the future. One would imagine that the plot’s big bad, who has yet to be introduced, would use him to defeat Sam.

Shanon Carter is a bit shady

Credit: Marvel

If she lends a hand to our characters, Shanon Carter is nonetheless a little shady. After being accused of treason, the former SHIELD agent went into exile in Madripoor to become a concealer of works of art. So far nothing frankly abnormal for a Marvel series, but a sequence questions us. After a fierce fight with Selby’s henchmen, she gets into a car and says “We have one problem, several even” before the footage is cut. Could it be that she is playing a double game? Time will tell us. After all, the heroine doesn’t seem to really carry superheroes in her heart anymore.

Who is Power Broker?

We’ve been hearing about him for two episodes now, but the show has never introduced him to us yet. We just know that he participated in the creation of a new serum and that he is looking for Flag Breakers. But who is he? The answer could be in the comics. Curtis Jackson has a business that sells superpowers to the highest bidder and was introduced to the universe along with John Walker, the new Captain America, and Lemar Hoskins Battlestar. It is to him that they both owe their powers. If at the moment none of them have extraordinary abilities, it could come in the next episodes.

Wakanda joins the dance

Credit: Marvel

While it has been mentioned several times, Wakanda is finally entering the plot. No wonder when you consider that Bucky spent several months in the country after the events of Civil War. So when Wakanda’s little tech marbles appeared on screen, there was no doubt: Wakanda will be there. If it is difficult to imagine that Black Panther himself passes a head, especially since the death of his interpreter, one did find one of the characters of the film of Ryan Coogler. Played by Florence Kasumba, Ayo is a secondary character in Black Panther. She is part of the Royal Guard and has appeared onscreen in Infinity War especially. She comes to look for Zemo, who is responsible for the death of the former king of Wakanda, T’Chaka.

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