Google Wifi discontinued – functions will be integrated into the Google Home app

The standalone app Google Wifi / Nest Wifi will be discontinued in June. We already have reportedthat you are in the Google Home App Since March of this year, you can also display live statistics for the WiFi router. The range of functions will cover all functions and more until June. So it makes sense not to have to maintain a separate app for everything and to summarize them a little.

Google Wifi / Nest Wifi will be retired in June

Google announced in 2019 that the Google Wifi App should be set. All content should be able to be maintained via the Google Home app. Now Google will inform all users of the app again by email. Accordingly, from May 25th no networks can be changed and no new devices can be added. The hammer then falls in June, the app will be removed from the App / PlayStore and there will be no support more for that Google Wifi / Nest Wifi App!

Why actually Nest Wifi App? Google has been working on this change since 2019 when it launched the Nest Wifi routers – these could only be configured in the Google Home app. At that time, however, the Google Home app did not yet support all of the functions that the Google Wifi app also offered. Google had promised to support both apps until the Home app was updated. According to Google, this will be the case from June.

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