pCloud online storage is on sale for Easter

Are you looking for a reliable service to store your data online? pCloud is the go-to – and it’s showing a special Easter discount.

pCloud Easter
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The excellent online storage service pCloud unveils its offer for Easter and gives us a very nice surprise by offering a 2 TB Family and Encryption offer at -70%. Usually at € 1,880, this subscription drops to € 550 this Sunday.

By taking advantage of this offer, you will have the possibility to share an account with 4 members of your family, or 5 users in total, and this for life (for a period of 99 years to be precise). Please note, this offer is limited and valid for 24 hours only. Prices will gradually increase from tomorrow to reach € 625 at the end of the day. So this is the best time to take advantage of it.

See the pCloud offer

pCloud in detail

pCloud offers a very well-designed online storage platform that allows files to be stored and managed on different devices. The cloud is accessible on the web from all browsers, on a computer via a desktop application as well as on smartphones and tablets. With automatic synchronization, you will always have your files at hand. Note that on the mobile application, you also have the option of activating the Automatic upload option so that all your media are transferred to your pCloud space.

pCloud offers several very practical sharing functions allowing you to share large files or exchange documents more simply. Indeed, you can generate a share and deposit link or invite users to a folder. Importantly, recipients do not need to have a pCloud account to access the shared folder.

The Swiss-based service provider has servers in the United States and, more recently, in Europe. When creating an account, users have the choice between these two locations. It is advisable to opt for the data center closest to you geographically. The already optimal transfer and access speeds to information will only be improved.

pCloud doesn’t skimp on protecting your data by storing it on at least three servers in different data centers and offering a 30-day recycle bin history. It also encrypts every transferred item based on the TLS / SSL encryption protocol to ensure your security. Whether for your work documents or your personal files, you will have nothing to worry about. In addition, the Crypto function allows you to go further with client-side encryption.

The 2TB Family and Lifetime Encryption offer not to be missed

To celebrate Easter as it should, pCloud unveils a new offer offering 2TB storage for life for 5 family members with the Crypto option for -70%. Instead of paying the full price of € 1,880, you will be charged € 550. This represents significant savings of € 1,330!

The account can be used for 99 years with 4 other people. It’s up to you to distribute the 2 TB according to each person’s storage needs. Each space is partitioned and private.

You should know that the special Passover promo offer from pCloud is refundable during the 10 days following your purchase. If you’re still hesitant to commit, you may want to consider subscribing to its free version to get started. It allows you to get up to 10 GB for free and to familiarize yourself with the tool.

It should be noted once again that the Easter offer is limited and only lasts 24 hours. Tomorrow, prices will start to rise again and it will cost € 625 to obtain the same subscription.

See the pCloud offer

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