A cartridge of Super Mario Bros. smash the auction

Collectors know that the products they keep on their shelves will be much more valuable if they are still in their protective boxes. It’s still confirmed with this Super Mario Bros. cartridge. which has reached heights at auction!

Credit: Heritage Auctions

$ 660,000: this is the price reached by this original cartridge from the Super Mario Bros. game. for NES, in its protective box, during auctions organized by Heritage Auctions. The amount explodes the previous record in this area since it is four times higher! It makes you want to look in his attic to see if by any chance there isn’t an old forgotten cartridge lying around.

A record for a Nintendo game

This is not the first time that Nintendo’s game has hit crazy sums at auction. A nickel copy of the title had sold for $ 114,000 in July 2020, surpassing the previous record of February 2019 when another copy of Super Mario Bros. had ended its auction at $ 100,150.

Credit: Heritage Auctions

But it’s another Nintendo game that set the record before this new auction: a Super Mario Bros. cartridge. 3 found a taker in November 2019 for the trifle of $ 156,000. Record smashed therefore, with this Super Mario Bros. brand new. To turn up the pressure, Heritage Auctions explained that the game, perfectly preserved in its plastic packaging, is also the oldest copy of the title it has ever sold.

This is indeed the fourth produced copy of the game for the United States. This version is all the more rare as it does not include the code “Game Pack NES-GP” which appeared on Nintendo boxes at the beginning of the year 1987. The NES was launched on the American market from mid-1986, so this copy hit the shelves in the second half of this year and was quickly replaced by the trademark packaging.

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