Excellent CyberGhost VPN Offers 83% Off For Easter

CyberGhost is selling off its VPN for Easter with an 83% promotion dropping its price to just 2.00 euros per month. There are only a few hours left to enjoy it.

Bon plan CyberGhost
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The Internet is in our lives and it is difficult to do without it regardless of its use. Aware of the potential, brands and large companies do not hesitate to hunt us down online in order to collect data to better target us. While this practice is legal and sometimes helpful, it is frustrating to be at the mercy of the web giants without having a say. Fortunately, in recent years an answer to this problem has emerged and it is called VPNs.

Many solutions are present in the VPN market but this week CyberGhost is putting the small dishes in the big ones with a very strong promotion. Indeed, the subscription with commitment over 3 years is only 2 € per month. It is definitely the cheapest that exists on the market today.

See the CyberGhost VPN offer

Why get a CyberGhost VPN subscription?

This software provides the ability to hide your location from another and prevent your data from being decrypted using an encryption algorithm. With the help of this tool, you are able to maintain your anonymity and no one can know what you are doing on the internet.

Both usable on PC (macOS, Windows, Linux) and on mobile (iOS and Android), CyberGhost allows you to simultaneously connect 7 devices. This makes the exercise much easier, no need to disconnect from one device to use another. Your security is therefore guaranteed at all times and on all of your peripherals.

A VPN will not only protect you but also prove useful in the fight against censorship. Many websites are sometimes inaccessible if you are not staying in the right country. Another case that may arise is that some services only work from a specific country.

Thanks to a VPN like CyberGhost you get a different IP, so you virtually change your location. CyberGhost has precisely more than 6,700 servers in 90 countries, enough to make you difficult to trace. In addition, the quality of their servers is among the best, offering a stable connection speed and no bandwidth limit.

See the CyberGhost VPN offer

Special offer at CyberGhost: 39 months for the price of 7

It’s hard to find a better deal than CyberGhost’s in terms of price, the reason is simple: there isn’t one. The formula with commitment over 3 years costs only € 2 per month ! With an 83% discount off the regular rate, this is definitely the best promotion you can have. That’s not all ! CyberGhost goes further by adding 3 more months. You therefore do not benefit from 36 months but from 39 (invoiced in total 78 €). As a reminder, CyberGhost’s monthly price is normally € 11.99 (or € 143 / year).

For that price, you’re not only going to be able to unblock foreign Netflix catalogs. You can also ensure your security and anonymity on the web with one click. Indeed, CyberGhost does not keep any log, no one except you will know what you are doing.

While it may be difficult to commit for such a long period of time, know that you have a 45 day money back guarantee, without condition. To assert it, simply contact the support available 24/7.

It would be unfortunate to miss out on such an offer, especially with such a low price.

See the CyberGhost VPN offer

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