Free access to millions of books, art and music

Europeana is a website that works with thousands of European archives, libraries and museums to share cultural heritage for enjoyment, education and research. On its website it is possible to find material of all kinds.

We just have to enter and start enjoying with access to millions of books, music, works of art and more, with sophisticated search and filter tools to help us find what we are looking for.

We can register on the web (it’s free) to save the articles we like the most and create our own galleries, which makes it possible to have a personalized museum with everything that impresses us the most.

They have exhibitions, galleries and online blogs, always with the aim of informing and inspiring, and they encourage you to subscribe to their monthly newsletter so that you never miss their editorial updates and the latest news.

We can obtain more information about Europeana’s technical infrastructure and how Europeana empowers the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation, within its sister website Europeana Pro, where they look like this:

We develop expertise, tools and policies to embrace digital change and foster partnerships that foster innovation. We make it easy for people to use cultural heritage for education, research, creation and recreation. Our work contributes to an open, informed and creative society.

Europeana is an initiative of the European Union, funded by the Member States of the European Union. Europeana services are operated by a consortium led by the Europeana Foundation under a service contract with the European Commission. They make it clear, of course, that the European Commission, nor any person acting on behalf of the European Commission, is responsible for the accuracy or use of the information on the website.

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