Google would develop its own chip for the Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 could carry a chip developed by Google. A chip developed with the help of Samsung, and which would leave Qualcomm on the back burner!

Credit: Google

What will the Pixel 6 be made of? It’s still a bit early to say, after all, Google’s future smartphone should only be released in the fall like all of its predecessors. Still, there is a rumor that Google may not be using a Snapdragon processor, but an in-house developed chip.

GS101 Whitechapel, the future in-house SoC

This system-on-chip (SoC) would be designed in partnership with Samsung. The GS101, the supposed name of this new chip, would therefore share some points in common with the Exynos. According to 9to5Google, the GS101 would have the internal code name Whitechapel which would be part of a real SoC platform, called Slider.

The Slider chips would equip the Pixel 6, and even two Pixel 6 with the codenames “Raven” and “Oriole”. It remains to be seen what is behind these mysterious references, and especially what will differentiate these two models. A bigger screen maybe? Or a “Pro” version? That’s not all, since Slider could also find a place in Chromebooks.

In doing so, Google would be inspired by Qualcomm (which provides chips for smartphones and PCs) and Apple, with the Ax chips for the iPhone and iPad, and M1 for the Mac. In the case, it is Qualcomm who is likely to pout: admittedly, the Pixels are not the devices that sell the most, but it is a showcase for the Snapdragon platform.

By developing its own SoC, Google is giving itself the means to customize chips designed specifically to the needs of its devices. Like Apple, this will allow it to emphasize the points that the search engine wants to highlight, security for example or the processing of photos.

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