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The SFR and RED by SFR Internet boxes are on sale this Easter long weekend. Now is the time to save money.

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To change your Internet box, you have to be a little patient. It is by waiting for the right moment that you will be able to make the most significant savings. This Easter weekend is the perfect time to change your offer. In recent years, the product has tended to modernize in order to become more transparent, among other things thanks to certain ISPs such as RED by SFR.

Today, it is the Internet boxes of SFR and RED by SFR which are entitled to aggressive discounts. The Altice group is dedicated to these two brands that should help you find the offer that meets your expectations (and your budget). We will explain the differences between the products of the two suppliers in more detail.

SFR has the advantage of offering fairly classic Internet boxes, the price is very aggressive for the first year. For its part, RED by SFR is advancing a single subscription with no term commitment. It offers customization and a very reasonable price.

See the SFR offer

See the RED by SFR offer

If you decide to take a new Internet box, you must know that it is mandatory to be a new customer with the supplier you choose to obtain the promotion. The aim of these steep reductions is to attract new customers to the detriment of competitors. In addition, SFR and RED by SFR can cover up to 100 euros for termination fees from your current ISP.

SFR, an Internet box with Fiber below the 20 euros mark

SFR is a traditional player in the Internet box market. Its positioning and its offers have the merit of being suitable for all users who would like to have the possibility of going to a physical place in case of question. The supplier offers online and in-store customer service. Several of its formulas are on sale this weekend.

SFR’s first Internet box is called SFR Fiber. The most accessible and the most popular of the range, it currently costs 16 euros per month for Fiber (500 Mb / s), unlimited calls to landlines, a decoder and 160 TV channels. This price is guaranteed for one year by the supplier then it goes back to 38 euros per month. The duration of the engagement is one year.

See the SFR Fiber offer

Otherwise, SFR offers a second Internet box called SFR Fiber Power. It costs a few euros more per month due to the more extensive TV option. With the current offer, it is 22 euros per month for Fiber (1 Gb / s), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and 200 TV channels. Once again, the price and the commitment period are spread over 12 months. After the first 12 months, the posted rate is 43 euros per month.

SFR Internet boxes have the advantage of offering an advantageous price throughout the first year, it is guaranteed by the supplier. These are the best formulas on the market over this period in terms of price. As the engagement period is also one year, you have the option of leaving without justification once you are no longer engaged. As a reminder, SFR reimburses up to 100 euros for termination fees from your supplier.

RED by SFR, a unique and modern Internet box

The RED by SFR brand stands out in the mobile plan and Internet box market. She has been able to highlight aggressive formulas that are based on an affordable price, but also on transparency and flexibility. The FAI offers a one-time subscription which is also on sale this weekend. Discount ends on April 6.

This weekend, the RED by SFR Internet box sees its price drop to 25 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s download and 500 Mb / s upstream) and unlimited calls to fixed and mobile. Normally, each of these 2 options costs 5 euros per month, which means that you save 10 euros compared to the price excluding the promotion. The supplier offers you the first month, whether you take the ASDL or Fiber formula.

To discover this Internet box at RED by SFR, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

The big advantage of this Internet box is that it is non-binding. You can subscribe to the supplier and leave whenever you want, where the majority of other players (like SFR) require a commitment period which is often one year – at least. With RED by SFR, you can cancel whenever you want.

On the other hand, the Internet box from RED by SFR offers one of the best speeds available on the market. It also includes unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, which will not displease many users. Basic, the TV option is not included in the subscription. The supplier assumed that some customers did not have a TV and that this feature would be unnecessary for them, which is also what allows such a low initial price. If you want to choose this option, you are entitled to 35 or 100 channels for an additional 2 or 4 euros per month.

Like SFR, the RED by SFR brand can charge up to 100 euros in termination fees when you leave your current supplier for its offer. It is the assurance of not losing money during this transition stage, all before starting the savings during the entire period that you are a customer.

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