Automatic video subtitling feature arrives on TikTok

In TikTok they are clear that they are an inclusive social platform, and therefore, they continue to launch new accessibility capabilities. In this regard, the popular ByteDance short video platform just presented the new automatic subtitling function, seeking the complicity of the creators so that the contents generated by them can be enjoyed even by people with hearing problems.

The idea is that the creators,l record or upload their own videos, they can use the function itself so that an automatic transcription of the content can be carried out, which they can also edit manually, to present it as part of it to all users, with the possibility that those users who do not want to have subtitles during playback, can deactivate them through the sharing panel, from the application itself.

Creators will also be able to manually edit transcripts

In TikTok indicate that for the moment, the new function supports both American English and Japanese, currently working to offer additional support for other languages ​​over the next few months.

In this sense, it is likely that Spanish will be one of the next languages ​​to have its corresponding support, given that it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​worldwide.

The automatic subtitling of videos is, to date, the last accessibility feature to arrive, in addition to others already present, such as animated thumbnails, warnings in some videos with effects in case they are capable of producing epilepsy cases, the skip function of photosensitive content for people with epilepsy, and the function that convert texts to speech.

From TikTok they also point out that continue working to find areas for improvement in accessibility, for which it is even working with organizations and communities specialized in disabilities, including The Deaf Collective, for which it is committed to offering news and updates for the sake of transparency and to share all the progress it makes in this matter.

It will be a matter of time, as we say, that the new function presented today improves its scope and availability, although as we have also pointed out, it also involves the creators themselves for the automatic creation of the corresponding subtitles that allows to take their videos to a greater number of users, including those who suffer from some type of hearing problem or directly lack any ability to hear.

TikTok follows the path of other technology companies, joining efforts for the sake of accessibility.

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