Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings grossed $ 10 billion in 2020

If we knew that Call of Duty Mobile was a hit hit, we were far from suspecting that it, alongside Honor of Kings, would bring nearly $ 10 billion to his studio.

Credit: Activision

TiMi Studios, a mobile game studio owned by the Chinese giant Tencent, reportedly earned more than $ 10 billion in revenue in 2020 thanks to the hits Call of Duty : Mobile and Honor of Kings. This is not without recalling that Call of Duty Mobile had been hit full during its first week of launch in China last December, where he grossed no less than $ 14 million.

According to Reuters, who published a report this 1is April concerning the studio’s income, this figure would make it ” the biggest developer in the world “. For exemple, Activision Blizzard, who owns the license Call of Duty on other media, shared its revenues for the year 2020 and would have earned almost $ 8 billion, or 2 billion less than TiMi and its mobile version. This is very surprising information knowing that two games Call of Duty highly acclaimed released on consoles and PC in 2020, namely the very lucrative Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, as well as the independent game mode Warzone.

Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings are two mobile games that bring together a large community of gamers, although Honor of Kings is only available in China. It brings together no less than 100 million active players daily according to Tencent. Call of Duty Mobile had, meanwhile, achieved the biggest launch for a mobile game in 2019, with more than 100 million downloads during its first week of release. Reuters also mentions the fact that TiMi does not intend to stop there and is currently in the process of recruiting a team to design an AAA game that would take inspiration from the film’s virtual community Ready Player One released in 2018.

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