Clubhouse launches new feature for creators to earn money

ClubHouse is enabling a new option that will allow creators to earn money on the platform.

This feature, which is now available to a small group, promises that creators will receive 100% of the profits. We tell you the details.

So you can earn money with Clubhouse

While there are some third-party solutions that allow you to create pay rooms In Clubhouse, a possibility now opens directly on the platform for creators to earn money.

As mentioned by the team of Clubhouse, creators will be able to count on “payments” from their audience as part of the monetization dynamics that the platform will implement. Yes, Payments are the first option in a series of monetization features for creators who want to make money with their content and audience.

At the moment, this function is available for a small group of creators at Clubhouse, since the idea is to improve the dynamics before launching the “Payments” for everyone. How does it work? The dynamics are very simple, and it follows the same system as so many other platforms that allow the audience to collaborate with their favorite creators.

A new button “Send money” will be enabled in the creator’s profile so that users can start the payment process. As with any transaction, you will be asked for the card details and the amount you want to send to the creator.

The creator will receive 100% of the payment made by the user, so there will be no type of commission that is deducted from the original amount. The user will be the one who bears the costs for processing payments to Stripe. And on the other hand, Clubhouse assures that it will not charge, nor will it receive anything. That is, it will only facilitate the process between the user and the creator, using Stripe for payment processing.

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