Game of Thrones will soon be celebrating its tenth anniversary!

Ten years ago, the first episode of Game of Thrones was shown on our screens. On the occasion of this anniversary date, HBO Max and OCS are preparing special evenings on their respective platforms.

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The ten-year anniversary of Game of Thrones is coming! While the sequel is brewing on HBO Max, with several spin-offs, and even a play, the platform still intends to celebrate the first decade of the series. In April on HBO Max, the saga inspired by the universe of George RR Martin will be in the spotlight at the event The Iron Anniversary. For 30 days, fans will be able to find each of the episodes of the eight seasons, but also new content behind the scenes of the production. It will also be possible to discover stamped products Game of Thrones, like an Imperial Fabergé egg in the colors of the series, beers inspired by the series, as well as Funko figurines in limited editions.

OCS to offer a special

If it is HBO which broadcast the series across the Atlantic, in France, it is OCS which was the happy broadcaster. Orange will therefore broadcast a special program devoted to the series on OCS City on April 17. On the program, two hours of decryption, analysis and meetings around the mythical scenes of Game of Thrones. OCS subscribers will also be able to test their knowledge of the series and thus hope to win derivative products. They are all accessible between March 16 and May 16 on the platform website.

The first 10 years of Game of Thrones’ reign

As we said above, the epic Game of Thrones is not going to stop there. After ten years of good and loyal service, the universe of George RR Martin will return as part of several spin-offs for HBO Max. The first of them, House of The Dragon will be broadcast in 2022 on the platform, but also on OCS in France. The series will return to the origins of the Targaryen family, and in particular King Viserys. We already know that English Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One) will be there.

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