Microsoft Teams will add a new dynamic to join meetings

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is preparing a new feature that will make it easier to join a scheduled meeting.

Instead of relying on a link, it will allow users to use a much more practical dynamic. An option that is already present in some video calling services, for example, Zoom.

New way to join Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams already offers different ways to join a video conference. For example, you can enter from a link that your team has sent to your email address or from an event that you have scheduled in the calendar.

However, some competing apps, such as Zoom, they have a much better method: an access code. Yes, a meeting ID that the host sends you as an invitation code to join the video conference. A practical and simple method that we will soon see in Microsoft Teams. A dynamic that can be used in all versions of Microsoft Teams.

How will it work? The meeting host will need to send you this invitation code (made up of about 13 digits) to join the video conference. A meeting ID that is automatically assigned to the user. So you just need to copy and paste the meeting code or ID in the event scheduled on the calendar and that’s it.

Then it only remains to enter the code to enter the meeting scheduled in Microsoft Teams. One detail to keep in mind is that this new dynamic does not change the permissions or the configuration options focused on the privacy and security of the meetings.

This is just a feature that will make it easy for users to join a meeting without relying on a link. At the moment, this new option is not enabled and we will have to wait until the end of May to see it in action.

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