Pornhub details its new moderation policy

A few months after the scandal that rocked Pornhub, the platform wants to show its white paw. It publishes a press release to detail its content moderation policy.

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Last December, Pornhub was at heart of a vast scandal following the publication of a New York Times article. The American media had highlighted many illegal content hosted by the pornographic site. It included scenes of rape, videos of minors and revenge porn. A few months later, Pornhub wants to dot the i’s by presenting its new moderation policy in more detail. In a press release, the firm explains “We are committed to creating and fostering an adults-only space to safely, consentingly express and explore sex and sexuality, without fear of being exposed to dangerous, illegal or hateful and discriminatory content.”

653,000 videos withdrawn in 2020

From January to December 2020, Pornhub announces that it has withdrawn no less than 653,465 videos that violate its service policy and the content regulations. Among those videos, the firm says it included content with minors, non-consenting videos, hate speech, content featuring animals, and animal abuse. The platform also states that “Incestuous relationships (real or simulated) are strictly prohibited.” This is the first report of its kind for Pornhub, which intends to continue playing transparency in the coming years.

A new method of moderation

After the withdrawal of Visa and Mastercard envisaged in December 2020, Pornhub had been forced to review its copy. From now on, the videos will be checked by an algorithm before publication. First, each person who wants to publish videos will have to justify their identity using verification software: Yoti. Then, he will have to confirm the consent of the people involved, hold the rights and finally accept the conditions of use. Finally, the content is inspected by the software that determines if the video meets all the conditions. Otherwise, a modulator intervenes to check whether the video can be published or not.

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