Star Trek Cast Celebrates First Contact Day

On Paramount Plus, the Star Trek saga will continue to expand. On the occasion of First Contact Day, the platform unveiled the trailers of its new productions.

Credit: Paramount

Yesterday marked the (anticipated) anniversary of the first encounter between humans and Vulcans. If you are not familiar with the universe of Star Trek, April 5 is one of the celebrations surrounding the saga. On this occasion, Paramount organized an online event to present the series that will be added to the existing productions.

Star Trek Discovery – en 2021

Unsurprisingly, we find the most famous of all: Star Trek Discovery. The short sequence gives us a first glimpse of the plot that will unfold in this new chapter. According to the synopsis, Captain Burnham and the USS face the greatest threat they have ever faced. With the federated and non-federated worlds feeling the impact, they must face the unknown and work together to ensure a better future for all.

Star Trek Picard – and 2022

Patrick Stewart was obviously there and did not fail to give us information on the next season of his series. Picard. As he prepares to return to the set, he addressed a few months to fans around the world. “I wish I could sit down with you and tell you about all the new storylines and situations that you will see in this new season. This is unheard of.” He was not the only emblematic figure to have passed a head since John de Lancie also announced his comeback. He should resume the role of Q from next season, scheduled for 2022 on our screens.

Star Trek: Lower Decks – August 2021

It will not be necessary to wait too long before the happy team of Lower Decks. Season 2 should land on Paramount Plus next August, before being broadcast on Amazon Prime Video as was the case for the first burst of episodes.

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