Surface Pro 7 better than iPad Pro? Yes, according to Microsoft

Microsoft is once again engaged in the exercise of comparison in an advertisement opposing its Surface Pro 7 to Apple’s iPad Pro.

After attacking MacBook Pro, Microsoft continues to face Apple by opposing its Surface Pro 7 to the iPad Pro. In a new advertisement, the Redmond firm directly opposes its device to that of Apple, with a comparison that necessarily turns to its advantage.

The first argument in favor of Microsoft is that the Surface Pro 7 has an integrated stand, while the iPad Pro … does not stand up (you can still try to keep it standing with its flat edges, but this is at your own risk). On the keyboard side, Microsoft’s two-in-one connects with a single click, while the Magic Keyboard of the iPad Pro is heavy. The firm founded by Bill Gates continues on the connection, much more provided on its device compared to the single USB-C port of the Apple tablet. Then the young presenter looks at the power of the two machines. There where “The iPad Pro is just a tablet”, the Surface Pro 7 is both a tablet and a computer. Finally, comes the question of price, and the finding is clear: $ 880 for Surface Pro 7, against $ 1,348 for the iPad Pro, each with its official keyboard.

The arguments of this advertisement are valid. However, it should be noted that, if Microsoft sees the iPad Pro as a simple tablet, it is also a bias of Apple, which has always refused to provide its iPad with a computer OS. After years spent on iOS, the Californian manufacturer has instead bet on iPadOS, a variant of the mobile operating system with some specific additions to the large format of the tablet. As a result, the iPad is a less versatile device than a Surface, of course, but it is also the philosophy of the product and its target which is different, which makes the comparison less easy.


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