The Amazon Echo Show 10 also receives video calls with Zoom (USA)

Amazon announced yesterday that the Echo Show 10 devices will also support the video telephony software “Zoom”. Users who have linked their calendars to Alexa can easily join meetings. So far, only the Echo Show 8 is compatible with Zoom.

Echo Show 10 devices become Zoom compatible

Amazon brings zoom compatibility to more devices. The company announced yesterday that it will make Echo Show 10 devices compatible with popular video calling software in the US. Users who have their calendars linked to Alexa will start their meetings automatically, while people who haven’t can say, “Alexa, join my meeting” or “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting”. This is the second Echo Show to have access to Zoom. The Echo Show 8 has been supporting the video conferencing platform in the USA since December.

The Echo Show 10 is particularly suitable for this task thanks to its rotatable display. The Echo Show 10’s camera tracks the user as they move around the room, which means callers can see the screen no matter where you sit or stand. Presumably this functionality will also work with Zoom, but there are no further details.

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