They caught the Mi 11 Ultra

So far, more Xiaomi has escaped the ordeal than anything, but not in one piece.


It has become so special with the secondary display on the back and one of the best camera sets on the market Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultrathat our readers will probably forgive us for showing us what is lurking behind us in a Chinese-language video.

1 “, 50 megapixel (main camera), 48 (ultra wide) and once again 48 data can be read from the specification (5x zoom camera) and the 12-120 mm focal length from the back cover , but it’s still exciting how Xiaomi has condensed all the terrain elements to arguably the largest camera continent on the market.


After careful disassembly, it is advisable to gently remove the glass plate, as it also contains electronics and the cable for the second display. Incidentally, the lenses themselves were located on a large inner island, protruding like a volcano.


And as far as the guts are concerned, we can’t get instant access to the 5000-mAh battery either: it’s a good idea to remove the 67-watt cordless quick-charge coil before replacing it. Pretty slowly, all the parts and chips show themselves, the Snapdragon 888 SoC and its motherboard together, and if one just as carefully wipes the Mi 11 Ultra back to its original state, in principle, everything should work flawlessly.

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