Will the plastic housing of the Realme 8 Pro break in half?

The 108-megapixel main camera is promising, instead of a metal frame, but with a plastic housing that Zack Nelson clutched.


Current, top-of-the-line innovations reach the lower price bands over time, making it possible for a competitor to compete specifically against each other. Redmi Note 10 Pro and the Realme 8 Pro it both wears a 108-megapixel main camera on the back, to which the latter comes with 8 + 2 + 2-megapixel companions, and a 16-megapixel self-contained unit drilled a hole in the 6.4 “FHD + panel.

Of course, when it comes to the use of materials, compromises have to be made, although there was a period when the metal / glass house was given around 100 thousand forints. Either way: the plastic Realme 8 Pro stands in the mud when Zack Nelson it is a bending intervention, and the tempered glass sheet that is scratched in the usual way does not interfere with the work of the fingerprint reader hidden behind the 1080 x 2400 pixel AMOLED screen. We’ll test the device soon, just not like Mr. Nelson.

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