Alexa and Vodafone: OneNumber Calling has absence mode

The OneNumber Calling function has existed for around a year in the merger between Alexa and Vodafone. This enables Vodafone customers to make calls using voice commands via Alexa without having to pick up their smartphone. There is now also an absence mode.

Vodafone OneNumber Calling has an out of office mode

Like Florian about a year ago reported, you can run calls via Vodafone and Echo smart speakers and start them by voice command. To do this, however, the Vodafone OneNumber option must first be activated in the tariff.

There is now also an absence mode for this. With the new but quite useful function, calls are only allowed if the smartphone is in a fixed location. If you are in your “home zone”, then OneNumber Calling is activated, if you leave your home and are at work, nobody can call your number at home. You can configure the option in the settings for OneNumber Calling in the Alexa app.

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