Despite the adversity, Huawei had a good 2020

Sales and profits have increased, but this year poses a number of challenges for the company.


Despite the fact that Huawei Technologies first lost its Google license and then most of its chip-making partners due to various actions by the Trump administration, and then even surpassed the Honor brand, last year’s performance of the Shenzhen giant was good. Huawei’s total sales kicked in at $ 136.7 billion, including the telecommunications and corporate businesses (HUF 42.2 trillion), and net profit stood at $ 9.9 million (HUF 3 trillion).


Importantly, sales grew by 3.8% and profit by 3.2% year-on-year for end-user products: the range of solutions based on artificial intelligence has grown significantly, while the number of Huawei smartphone users reached last year. the 730 million.

Internal and external display of the Mate X2, even with an Android-based system
Mate X2’s internal and external display, even with an Android-based system [+]

Obviously, it won’t be easy in 2021, especially the consumer business is facing challenges, as the HarmonyOS operating system will debut in China in April, and there will be little task of accepting it from users against Android. The first device that can install the public system version is Mate X2what just the other day we tested it – Android.

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