Good VPN plan: why is this ExpressVPN deal irresistible?

The fastest and most secure VPN, ExpressVPN, halves its prices and offers 3 months free as a bonus. It is high time to take advantage of it.

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Maintaining your anonymity, is that a subject you are concerned about? It is one of the great debates present in the digital world in recent years. Solutions have emerged over the years, this is particularly the case with VPNs (also known as Virtual Private Network). Just like an antivirus secures your PC, the VPN is an application aimed at protecting your privacy on the Internet.

ExpressVPN, the global market leader, just launched a massive 49% discount. The initial offer with commitment over 12 months then increases to € 5.83 per month against € 11.32 usually. Is that not enough for you ? ExpressVPN takes it a step further by adding 3 free months.

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ExpressVPN: protect yourself from the whole world and without restrictions

If you are used to using public WiFi networks, you should be aware that they are not always secure. This implies that a malicious individual can technically intercept your data and be able to read it, then knowing everything you are doing on the web. For legal reasons, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also record all the sites you visit.

With a VPN, in the two cases mentioned above, you will become invisible. Indeed, your data on public Wi-Fi can still be intercepted except that thanks to such an application, it will be encrypted. Therefore, no one will be able to know its contents. ExpressVPN precisely uses an algorithm based on AES technology (AES-256 more specifically) to encrypt your data.

Second, a VPN change your IP address. This is how ISPs record information from the different websites you visit. So, because your IP address becomes different through a VPN, you can no longer be traced by them. In addition, an IP address allows you to geolocate. However, it turns out that with ExpressVPN you can choose from 160 locations across 94 countries. No other VPN can boast of offering so many possibilities and all without traffic limits or bandwidth restrictions.

Changing location also provides the advantage of bypassing censorship and thus accessing content available only in a specific country for example. This is particularly the case with the Netflix catalog which is not the same around the world. By changing your geo-location, you therefore have access to content that you potentially do not have in your country of origin.

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Get 15 months for the price of 12!

ExpressVPN is the most popular and recognized among the VPN services available. For this reason, it is not common for such a beneficial promotion to be offered. Recently, therefore, a 49% discount has been applied for the purchase of a VPN with the one-year offer. For the price of 87.36 € instead of 169.74 €, this reduction has something to appeal to more than one potential user. As a bonus, you also receive 3 additional months for free allowing you to preserve your anonymity for 15 months!

ExpressVPN is up to 5 simultaneous connections and multi-media compatibility both on phone (Android, iPhone) and on PC (Windows, Linux, macOS). Even some Netgear and Linksys brand routers can be used. For all your questions, customer support remains at your disposal (by instant messaging and e-mail), without interruptions from Monday to Sunday at all hours of the day and night.

Finally, if you still have some doubts about this offer. Know that you have 30 days to get reimbursed and that without conditions. The easiest way is to test the service fully in order to determine whether you are happy with it.

To learn more about the supplier, you can read our full ExpressVPN review here.

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