Google’s mobile chip is not made against Apple tiles


You can hear from more and more places that have been strayed over the years: Whitechapel Google is making a self – designed mobile chip called Google, from which this fall, Pixel 6hidden in can finally become a reality. The design of the chips is not far away from the gigabase anyway, they have only mostly moved on AI and server lines so far, most recently an experienced intelligent engineer, Uri Frank has expanded its search giant team to specialize in CPU.

Pixel 2 doesn't have its own mobile platform yet, but has already deployed a Google chip called Pixel Visual Core
Pixel 2 doesn’t have its own mobile platform yet, but has already deployed a Google chip called Pixel Visual Core [+]

Mobile chips have not been planned by Google so far, and the AndroidAuthority he also doesn’t have a particularly crowded team to dream of a processor core and graphics accelerator from Apple’s own well. Although, for example, let’s not forget that it has already been AI tile into the snapdragon Pixels, helping with machine learning and image processing, so the mobile world isn’t completely foreign to Google engineers. Still, the publication believes that the first chip mentioned in the Whitechapel work title will in any case follow a conservative design and, together with the Samsung Large Scale Integration team, will build on familiar ARM foundations.

A Google Pixel 5
A Google Pixel 5 [+]

This could mean, for example, the use of Cortex-X1 and A78 power cores or more economical Cortex-A55 components, as the Exynos 2100 does, and then the Mali-G78 has a chance at the GPU side, the RDNA graphics accelerator is the same as AMD and Samsung as it is expected to be completed only by 2022. So it’s also unlikely that Google is preparing to tick off the tiles on the market, but it can put more emphasis on safety and machine learning. It is also true, of course, that a Pixel 5 has turned away from the ultra-premium segment, where Google has essentially failed, and a top tile would mean an unexpected return to poison-expensive mobiles – so Whitechapel may be focusing on cost-effectiveness.

A Google Pixel 4a
A Google Pixel 4a [+]

In addition to the chip being manufactured by Samsung, there is a chance the South Korean will use a 5G modem, which could be a mobile entry into America for the latter company, where Qualcomm’s solutions dominate the phones, including locally sold Galaxies. Anyway, with the 5G era and going below 10nm, the unit price of the chips has increased significantly, so it may be worthwhile for hardware-savvy players to develop a chip according to individual cost requirements, think of Tesla’s self-driving chips or Google’s AI solutions.

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