Hey Spotify – voice assistant for the Spotify app

Spotify also wants to get involved and brings a virtual assistant. Starting today, with the Spotify app open, users can “Hey SpotifySay “to start playing a song, an album, or an entire playlist. The innovation seems to be available for Android and iOS.

Wish songs by “Hey Spotify”

The new “Hey Spotify“Function is in addition to the voice search function that was previously available for premium users. The difference is that “Hey Spotify”Is really hands-free. However, the Spotify app must already be open for this. In addition, the smartphone must be unlocked and of course the Spotify app should have the appropriate permissions to access the device’s microphone. To be honest, that makes the whole thing quite uninteresting for me again.

By means of “Hey Spotify”You can then play individual songs or playlists, or play all songs by a specific artist.

The rollout on iOS and Android has begun, but I have not yet been able to find the function with me. To activate the function, you have to check in the settings whether you can already activate the new voice interactions.

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