iOS 15: Apple apparently changes icons and user interface


Since iOS 7, the app icons on Apple smartphones and tablets have not been adapted. This could change with iOS 15. The appearance of the icons of two apps has already been renewed.

Apps could get new icons with iOS 15.

Apps could get new icons with iOS 15. (Source: MacRumors)

  • The appearance of the app icons has not been adjusted since iOS 7.
  • Now two applications have received a new icon, could Apple renew all icons with iOS 15?
  • The design of the user interface may change with iOS 15.

The US company has had iOS 7 Apple the icons of apps no longer adjusted. With iOS 15 this could change. The App Store Connect icon was adapted for developers back in October. Now comes the Apple Music app for artists. Could this be a hint of new icons for all applications Smartphones and Tablets be from Apple?

Both symbols are more straightforward and not as “playful” as the technology blog MacRumors reported.

Left the "old" Icons, the new ones on the right.

On the left the “old” icons, on the right the new ones. (Source: MacRumors)

With the new macOS Big Sur, Apple has adapted the icons of applications and the appearance of the user interface. The design of iOS 15 may now also change. The developer conference is scheduled for June 7, 2021 WWDC take place by Apple, presumably the new operating system for iPhones will be presented there.

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