It’s a great quarter behind Samsung, which has plenty of S21 to pass

The early launch of the new mobile series has arrived, and after last year’s caution, shopping has returned this year.


Samsung has an excellent first quarter, as most semiconductor and electronics companies have made significant progress in the first month of 2021 anyway, especially compared to the first three months of last year, aggravated by a coronavirus panic. The preliminary results of the South Koreans do not yet detail the performance of the various divisions, the total sales revenue of HUF 65 trillion (HUF 17.66 trillion) and especially the operating profit of HUF 9.05 trillion show good performance (HUF 2.45 trillion). compared to 55.33 / 6.45 trillion won.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has become a great top device, which can be recognized from afar due to its colossal camera corner [+]

However, it is not difficult to Galaxy S21 family also see the success of the great quarter, which not only launched better than that S20 family in the midst of an unfolding pandemic, closures and stock market panic, but also arrived earlier within the calendar year. And the excitement that plummeted last year has now become a huge interest: everything from electric cars to gadgets to mobiles is carried, and it is mostly production line constraints and chip shortages that stakeholders in the semiconductor line have not brought even better results. However, several analysts warn: the chip and supplier side is still for a good few quarters it can cause disruptions and falling supply at the expense of demand can push prices up.

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