Mozilla is discontinuing support for Firefox browsers

Some of you prefer to surf the web with the popular Firefox browser on the Echo Show and Fire TV. However, this only works until the end of the month. As of April 30th, support for Amazon devices will be discontinued, as Mozilla announced today.

Mozilla ends support for Amazon devices

Mozilla today surprisingly announces the end of the Firefox browser on Echo Show and Fire TV. Some of you have chosen this as the default browser on your devices. As of April 30th, you will no longer be able to install the app on a Fire TV, you will no longer receive security updates, and you will not be able to reinstall Firefox once it has been uninstalled.

If Firefox is set as the default browser on the Echo Show device, you will be redirected to browsing Amazon Silk starting April 30, 2021. Amazon Silk is the pre-installed browser from Amazon.

Mozilla does not provide a reason for the press release so far.

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