New Ikea Symfonisk loudspeaker confirmed by Sonos?

The collaboration between Ikea and Sonos is well known. Now a spokesman for Sonos has confirmed that the company is working with the Swedish furniture manufacturer on new products.

New Symfonisk devices planned?

“The partnership is stronger than ever and we’re excited about the products we’re working on together. We look forward to sharing more when the time comes, ”a Sonos spokesperson told Pocket-Lint.

The rumors of new devices were fueled with the fact that the two companies did one FCC registration applied for that have still been submitted without a manual, operating details or product images. From the submitted documents, however, it can be seen that it is a “wireless device” with the designation FHO-E1913. The approval was granted in early April 2021, which means that the publication and launch will take place in a few months.

It is speculated that it could be a square design. According to The Verge, the two companies are already working on an update of the Symfonisk table lamp, as well as a second product for the Symfonisk range, a “work of art with an integrated loudspeaker”. It is unclear whether the product is a picture frame with an art print and an integrated loudspeaker or whether the loudspeaker unit will be interchangeable between different art housings. The product is said to be codenamed “Titan”.

Although further details are missing, it is assumed that at least one new Sono Ikea Symfonisk product will hit the market. A loudspeaker with additional functions, such as a table lamp, and complete integration into the Sonos system, including all functions, is expected from the previous collaboration.

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