now broadcast your games thanks to Houseparty

It is now easier to stream your games on Fortnite thanks to the integration of HouseParty. Epic Games also unveiled performance improvements on the Switch version of the game.

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As Season 6 of Chapter 2 began two weeks ago, Fortnite got some improvements fromEpic Games during these last days. The studio has made the livestream much easier to access for anyone who wants to stream their games with their friends thanks to Houseparty, acquired by Epic Games in June 2019. A feature already made it possible to integrate a video chat created on Houseparty at Fortnite since November 2020.

Now the reverse is also possible since your game can now be broadcast in video chat. Thanks to this, your friends can see your game while you continue to play on your console. This functionality is not really comparable to what offers Twitch since it is only intended for your friends and not for an open and wider audience. At the moment, the feature is available on PS4, PS5 and PC. Epic Games does not yet know if this feature will be available on other media in the future.

In addition, Epic Games has also improved some of the performance of the version. Switch of the game. The update was deployed on March 30th. So there is an improvement in the image resolution, going from 1000 × 560 to 1170 × 660 in portable mode and from 1390 × 780 to 1560 × 880 in TV mode. Epic Games has announced that following the update, players on Switch will be able to save approximately 140MB of storage space.


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