Realme Buds Air 2 Neo: Cheap Bluetooth headsets promise a lot

What if we could have a completely wireless headset with some of the best features on the market at a low price? This is what Realme promises with Buds Air 2 Neo.

The new Bluetooth headsets will be a cheap version of the Buds Air 2 launched by the brand in February. This new model will be formally presented on the day April 7 and, at least on paper, it has everything to be a success.

According to the brand, the Buds Air 2 Neo will have active noise cancellation (ANC), like the original model that costs € 49.99. This means that even though it is a cheaper model, they do not give up such a feature.

Another detail disclosed is that, each headset, will have access to a “Dynamic Bass Boost Driver” of 10mm. No specific battery data has been revealed, but the brand promises a total playback of 28 hours. Something that is three hours longer than the most expensive model.

The main objective of these headsets is “to bring active noise cancellation to the masses”. Now it remains to be seen to what extent this will have some quality, taking into account that they will be a product below the € 49.99 of the original model.

As for the design, the Buds Air 2 Neo, have a visible inspiration. They are very similar to the original Galaxy Buds, which for those who appreciate something small, although showy, will be quite positive.

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