the retro battle royale is available on Switch

As the fashion for retro games progresses, it is once again fueled by Nintendo with a battle royale set in the Pac-Man universe!

Credit: Bandai Namco

In the same spirit as the game Tetris 99, Nintendo has just unveiled the brand new battle royale PAC-MAN 99. In this game, 99 players compete in order to survive until the end of the game. Of course, the iconic elements of the game are still present, such as ghost enemies and fruit boosters. We could have expected a battle royale of the same kind as Fortnite or PUBG, the references of the genre, with all the players gathered on the same map putting sticks in the wheels and trying to survive as long as possible, but Nintendo emancipated itself from these codes and reinvented the battle royale in an individual way.

Each player has his own map and is therefore the only one to evolve in this environment. He must, as always, avoid the ghosts, then manage to eat them by first taking a piece of fruit. This is where things get tough for other players. The ghost that has been eaten reappears on a player’s map at random and as a Pac-Man ghost. This one, if it hits you, slows you down and prevents you from properly escaping the ghosts. Despite its decidedly retro side, this battle royale could well keep you going in games as complex as they are exciting.

The PAC-MAN 99 game is already available on Nintendo Switch for free, exclusively for those who have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, the game will only be playable from April 8. As a reminder, the Online subscription is priced at 19.99 euros per year for an individual subscription and 34.99 euros per year for a family subscription, up to 8 accounts.

229,00 €

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