There is currently a problem with Amazon’s language assistant

Some people on the net are currently reporting problems with Amazon Alexa. Since the last hour, reports have been increasing in the social channels. The ring turns blue and the order appears to have been accepted, but nothing happens.

Currently there is a malfunction at Amazon Alexa

On social media such as Twitter and Facebook, reports of a malfunction in Amazon’s Alexa are currently increasing. Personally, I can’t find any problems with my devices. The users report on different application scenarios. No matter whether music, calls to skills or the simple question of the time fail. The ring turns blue and then the Echo device switches itself off again.

Why and why is currently unknown. Also the disturbance tracker allestö recently showed a rash for the Amazon Alexa service.

Alexa malfunction

Here we have to wait and see. I wouldn’t reset the devices if I were you. The disruption should resolve itself. It certainly affects something server-side. Amazon Alexa is a cloud service. Should we find out more details, we will of course add it here. But I’m assuming that we won’t notice any of this and that everything will just work again in a few hours.

Do you also currently have problems with Amazon Alexa and your Echo devices? Apart from the everyday! Feel free to leave it in the comments.

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