This year, Adidas will ship the sporty edition of Galaxy Buds

Last year, Fila, this year Adidas lends distinctive design elements to Samsung’s latest wireless earpiece.


It may be interesting to see how Samsung decides which special edition to market internationally and which to stay within the state border. Yet in Europe, Stan Smith and Adidas, or Adidas, are probably saying a lot more Row (not to mention the extra domestic aspects now) like the BTS (Bangtan Boys). BTS limited series but there is, and Adidas will not. Yet the Galaxy Buds Pro, inspired by the Stan Smith collection, looks pretty good.


A Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack is not only related to the sports brand at the design level. Galaxy Buds Pro is 20% recyclableIt is made from recycled consumer waste and also uses recycled materials for Adidas Primegreen products, including Stan Smith Adidas Originals shoes, for which a limited package includes a coupon. The Buds Pro snapback baseball cap-forming case has also been recycled, and the box is the classic Adidas shoe box. Unfortunately, the product is only marketed in South Korea, where you have to pay 279 thousand Korean won, which is roughly 76 thousand forints. When the earpiece is connected, the Adidas Originals theme, icon set, and lock screen also appear.

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