TikTok debuts its first creative interactive music effects for creators

TikTok, the popular short video app from ByteDance, just presented the first creative music effects to debut in the new “Music” tab of the creative effects panel.

All these effects are intended to be interactive to the beat of the musical themes, working in sync with any musical theme in the application’s sound library, for which interactive music processing technologies have been used, as the platform advances.

Generating new creative possibilities

With the arrival of these types of effects, TikTok further strengthens the creative possibilities that it makes available to its creators, generating a greater distance with respect to the new competitors that have been coming up along the way, who will have to advance a lot in a short time to approach similar levels of creative possibilities to the ones that TikTok can offer today with quite a bit of difference.

The first of these creative effects is Music Visualizer, now available to all users globally, that tracks the beat in real time “to animate an out-of-this-world retro greenscreen landscape,” moving directly to the beat of the chosen song.

TikTok says that electronic music duo AREA21 has already used this effect for their first video on TikTok “La La La”, although there are currently around 28,000 videos created with this creative music effect.

Over the next few weeks others will be arriving creative effects of music, how Music Machine, which will offer real-time audio synthesis functions, launching a set of interactive on-screen music tools during recording for the creation of musical mixes based on drum beats and other sounds.

Delayed Beats it will synchronize a series of still images generating transitions from one to another to the rhythm of the music, displaying them as frozen frames. Text Beats will allow you to add animated text overlays that will be synchronized with the rhythms of any song chosen from the application’s library.

Solid Beats will add visual effects synchronized with real-time tracking. And finally, Mirror Beats it is like “entering a high-tech mirror house”, generating screen transitions that will be synchronized with the selected song from the application’s sound library.

It is only a matter of waiting for the first videos created with this new type of effects to arrive over time, for which the challenges and other elements that motivate their use by the most creative of the platform will also help.

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