TikTok finally adds automatic captioning to its videos

An initiative that could allow the social network to be much more inclusive in the future.

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TikTok will soon offer automatic subtitling of its videos, in order to make them more accessible and more inclusive. Until now, it was up to the content creators themselves to take the initiative for subtitling. A long and tedious operation, which can soon be replaced by a simple option to be checked at the time of publication, explained the platform via an official statement. As on YouTube, which serves as a benchmark in the genre, it will be possible for viewers to disable captioning with a single click, while creators will be able to modify or possibly correct the automatically generated text.

“Inclusiveness is important, because when people feel included, they are more comfortable” – TikTok

More inclusive, and above all more practical

Behind this initiative from TikTok, we obviously find the will of the social network to be more inclusive. The arrival of automatic subtitles will indeed allow deaf and hard of hearing users to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Chinese social network, without having to limit themselves to a few creators. But beyond inclusiveness, the arrival of automatic captioning also has a purely practical aspect, especially when we know that the majority of Internet users consult their social networks without activating the sound. Deployed in the coming weeks, this new feature will initially be accessible only in English and Japanese. Other languages ​​should soon be taken into account, however, assured the social network.

“Investing in inclusiveness”

However, TikTok does not intend to stop there on the issue of inclusiveness. The social network also announced that it will soon be implementing a warning tool for content creators, in order to alert them to warn about the risks of epilepsy linked to their videos. It will thus be possible for the users concerned to skip the passages at risk, in order to avoid being confronted with photosensitive images. A tool for text-to-speech, intended for visually impaired people should also soon be deployed by the platform.

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