Xupermask, a smart anti-covid mask signed…

Are you tired of surgical masks? has the solution for you: a high tech face mask with LED lights and even integrated bluetooth headphones. It arrives from April 8 at a price of 299 dollars.

Credit: Xupermask

During CES, Razer amazed its world by presenting the Project Hazel, a particularly sophisticated intelligent face mask. The concept has apparently convinced, since the brand recently decided to introduce this famous mask in production. And obviously, this attempt gave ideas to others, like In partnership with Honeywell, the American rapper has just announced the marketing of Xupermask, an anti-covid mask a bit less high tech than that of Razer, but still rather convincing.

We find a mask with a look straight out of a « film de science-fiction », as the rapper himself calls it. It was Jose Fernandez who designed the Xupermask. We owe him in particular some of the most famous superhero costumes like that of Batman or Spider-Man, some outfits of Daft Punk and even combinations of SpaceX. We are in the theme.

Musician obliges, could not embark on the design of a mask without bringing some notes in your ears. Thus, the Xupermask incorporates a pair of headphones that connect wirelessly to your smartphone. They even offer noise reduction! Otherwise, there are LED lights, and, since we must not forget that a mask is also used to protect, replaceable HEPA filters and two fans. The Xupermask will have seven hours of battery life, with the option of recharging it while using it. So plan your external batteries if you fall flat in the middle of the street.

This mask will be available in two sizes and two colors starting April 8 in Europe, UK, Canada and US for $ 299 direct from

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