Amazon Luna now supports 720p streams to reduce data and bandwidth

Although Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud game streaming service, is not yet open to the general public, since it was launched early last fall in the early access phase, the company has just added the option that users can receive transmissions at a lower resolution, 720p, compared to the usual 1080p at 60 fps of the service, in search of being more flexible.

From Amazon they hope that users with slow connections, or even those who have data limitations from their telecommunications providers, both on mobile and even on fixed connections, as in some cases, can continue to enjoy the titles of the games at the same time. maximum performance, without lags or lags, or any other problem that could detract from the experience.

Looking for greater flexibility to the possibilities of the users

For this, the new option is already available from the configuration panel of the service itself. This configuration will enable less data and bandwidth consumption, making the service itself more accessible to a greater number of people at the time of its general opening.

According to the platform’s statement:

Starting today, we’ll be enabling a new 720p option, allowing you to reduce bandwidth and data usage by streaming at a lower resolution. With this setting, customers who have data limit limitations from their ISPs can play at a lower resolution without sacrificing game performance.

By comparison, 720p is the maximum resolution that Microsoft’s XCloud cloud service is capable of offering, while 4K resolution is the maximum resolution that Stadia, Google’s cloud game streaming service, is capable of offering. .

It is expected that at a future time, Amazon Luna may also be able to deliver 4K 60fps game streaming experiences, as promised in their presentation, for which advancements in video streaming could also help Amazon to offer an optimal gaming experience.

For the rest, there are no more changes, maintaining the free use of the service, allowing access to the games through the channels by subscription, being for now the Luna Plus Channel of about $ 5.99 per month, and one of its own. Ubisoft for about $ 14.99 per month.

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