Amazon Music app gets auto mode (iOS and Android)

With an update, Amazon brings an auto mode for the Amazon Music app. The update will be rolled out in a few days and should improve the usability of the app with larger buttons.

Amazon Music – The new auto mode for iOS and Android

We had already briefly about the earlier this month Auto mode in the Music app reported that the update has now also reached me and I can deliver pictures to the app. The auto mode is intended to make the Amazon Music app easier to use while driving. Much larger buttons with a large gap were used for this. In the upper part, the app shows all the elements necessary for music navigation, in the lower part there are music suggestions and playlists. The font has also been enlarged a lot at this point to ensure good legibility.

Of course, you don’t have to use your hands here, if you like, you can still ask Amazon Alexa to play a certain song or genre or to skip songs using voice commands.

After the Amazon Music app update, you will be greeted by a message about the new auto mode when you open the app for the first time. You can then activate it using the gear wheel at the top right. If you connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth, this auto mode is also started automatically. You can do this yourself in the app settings. You can end the auto mode manually in the app at any time or close the entire app.

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