beware of this fake Netflix application, it is a dangerous malware!

Present on the Play Store for two months, this fake Netflix application actually houses malware that seeks to steal the credentials of your sensitive accounts and automatically responds to your messages on WhatsApp to broadcast.

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Weeks go by and malware proliferates on Android. Although Google is making many efforts to remove dubious applications from its Play Store with all its might, some still manage to deceive the vigilance of the Californian giant. Fortunately, cybersecurity researchers can be counted on to flush out threats. And precisely, the researchers of Check Point Security have just pointed out a new malware that has been rampant for almost two months on the shelves of the Play Store, and especially on WhatsApp.

This fake Netflix offered 60 days free

In order to attract its potential victims, this malware was hiding in an application called FlixOnline, with the enticing proposition of allowing you to connect to Netflix for free for 60 days. A weighty argument, especially in the midst of a pandemic where the various containment measures are hovering over our heads and where streaming platforms are on the rise. Moreover, it was even the shocking argument of this application on the Play Store: “2 months of free Netflix Premium anywhere in the world for 60 days for quarantine reasons (coronavirus)”.

However, if this virus was present on the Play Store, it was mainly distributed on WhatsApp, specify the researchers of Check Point Security, with the additional legitimacy of being present on the official Google store. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, it grants itself many permissions, including the ability to remain open in the background all the time, to display fake login pages in order to steal your various identifiers, or even access your notifications. It is notably thanks to this last permission that the malware is able to intercept WhatsApp messages and automatically respond to them with a message inviting your contacts to download the infected app. This is how it spreads en masse.

If all of this means anything to you, go straight to your settings. smartphone Android and uninstall FlixOnline from the list of apps. Check Point Security researchers also recommend changing the passwords for your most sensitive accounts. Even if you haven’t fallen for it this time, still avoid clicking on links that have been sent to you on messengers without making sure of their authenticity. WhatsApp is also under another threat at the moment, a rather elaborate scam which seeks to relieve you of your account.

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