Facebook unveils Hotline, its version of Clubhouse

Following the success of the Clubhouse audio chat application, Facebook has just formalized its own platform dedicated to voice exchanges.

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Launched yesterday in a discrete beta version, Hotline is the new Facebook platform. Largely inspired by the successful Clubhouse application, it is based on audio exchanges, and also incorporates several new features, starting with a question-and-answer system, as well as the possibility of broadcasting live videos.

Target a professional audience

Unlike Clubhouse, the new facebook service thus allows spectators to ask their questions in writing. The owner of the conference can also invite speakers during his live, in the manner of the directs Instagram. Contacted by AFP, the social media giant simply explained: “With Hotline, we hope to understand how multimedia, interactive and live Q&A sessions can help people learn from experts”. Intended for a mainly business use, Hotline will also make it possible to present its lives on video. In addition, the lectures will be recorded, and content creators will receive a digital copy of each of their presentations, so that they can later post it on other platforms, for example. A good way to stand out from Clubhouse, which focuses above all on exchange and intimacy between its users. At a time when the big players in tech like Discord or Telegram are all trying to develop their own alternative to Clubhouse, this innovation on the part of Facebook could pull the rug out from under Microsoft’s feet, which was also planning to offer an application dedicated to professionals on its website. social network LinkedIn. On the side of Mark Zuckerberg, this new professional platform could be coupled with another similar functionality, this time reserved for entertainment, and directly implemented in the Messenger rooms.


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