IKEA and Sonos renew their range of connected speakers

The furniture giant has just confirmed the renewal of its range of connected speakers Symfonisk in partnership with the manufacturer Sonos. A new model is also joining the catalog.

Credits – Sonos x IKEA

It’s official, the range Symfonisk designed by IKEA and Sonos will be entitled to a renewal. After a brief teasing on social networks, and the discovery of a number of license applications found on the website of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it seems that the two companies have planned to market at least two new models of ‘by the end of the current year. As reported on The Verge website, we would thus find a revised version, but without real innovation of the bedside lamp. Symphonic. The main novelty will therefore come from a completely new model called Titan, which will take the form of a “wall art piece with built-in speaker”. This type of hybrid device already exists on the market, notably at Soundwall for example. It’s a safe bet, however, that the model offered by IKEA and Sonos will be marketed at a much more affordable price, like the other products in the range which do not exceed € 155.

IKEA wants to establish itself on the connected home

What could be more logical for the Swedish furniture giant to turn to home automation and connected objects linked to the home? For several years now, IKEA has not hidden its ambition to offer accessible IoT products, both in their use and in their prices. After a successful foray into the field of connected lighting IKEA Home Smart, the company also offers several solutions designed to make our daily lives easier, without having to change our habits. This is particularly the case for the connected sockets and buttons of the Tradfri range.

Sonos One SL – Wireless Speaker …

  • SONOS ONE SL SPEAKER: A connected speaker without a voice assistant
  • SONOS APPLICATION: it allows you to manage all your music: Spotify, Deezer, Apple …
  • ELEGANT AND ERGONOMIC: Design and application redesigned to offer the best experience …
  • POWERFUL SOUND / WEAK DISTORTION: An exceptional and powerful sound, it will suit all …

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