Intego, the best antivirus for Mac, is at a knockdown price

The Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack (antivirus, anti-malware, Mac cleaner) is entitled to an excellent discount at Intego, now is the perfect time to protect your Mac. Basic antivirus is also heavily promoted.

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Many people think that Mac computers are not prone to viruses and cyber attacks, but they are not. These devices also have their fair share of threats – whether it’s web browsing or data. There are several effective and recognized solutions to protect your Mac, one of the most famous being that of Intego.

For years, Intego offers antivirus exclusively for Macs. Currently, he is advancing a shock offer on the Mac Premium Bundle X9, a full service to avoid all risks on your MacBook. Thanks to the discount, the pack sees its price drop to 34.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros, which represents approximately 60% immediate savings.

This pack includes an antivirus, an efficient firewall as well as a tool to clean (and speed up) your Mac. It is a 3-in-1 solution that will allow you to have maximum security and a super-fast computer. The special Easter offer is really generous, it guarantees you peace of mind for the whole year to come.

To discover the Intego security pack, it’s here:

See the Premium X9 bundle

Intego does not limit its offers to this single pack, it also offers another service called Mac Internet Security X9. This one is less expensive than the first one, because it focuses on the presence of an antivirus and anti-malware (without the Mac cleaning part). Currently, the price of this product is 19.99 euros per year – instead of 49.99 euros. Like the first offer, this promotion is limited in time and it is better not to wait too long.

It has been 25 years since the actor Intego has made a name for itself in the antivirus market. An indisputable specialist in this sector, he has improved his products over the years. You can be sure of premium protection on your MacBook with the Mac Premium Bundle X9. This type of promotion remains rare, it is necessary to take advantage of it now. It is the assurance of securing your computer at a low price.

See Intego antivirus

A complete solution for macOS users

The Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack offered by Intego offers a very comprehensive protection solution, it is the best plan of the moment. This revolves around the presence of an antivirus – but it is not the only service advanced by this security package. With the latter, you are sure to browse the web in peace while enjoying a secure network.

In addition to its VirusBarrier X9 antivirus, this Intego pack includes direct access to a firewall (NetBarrier X9), a parental control service (ContentBarrier X9), a cleaning service (Washing Machine X9) as well as a backup (Personal Backup 10.9). Enough to provide complete protection for your MacBook. Intego has chosen to focus on Apple computers, all of its services are tailored to specific needs and risks.

All these services guarantee complete protection of your device. The most basic remains the VirusBarrier X9 antivirus, it guarantees 100% virus detection on macOS and OS X. Otherwise, the NetBarrier X9 acts as a firewall, it ensures the protection of your network when you are connected to the outside (or not), for example by fighting against spy-wares and malware.

There is also Personal Backup 10.9, a tool that backs up all of your data just like Time Machine. You are sure not to lose any of your photos, videos and other data of the same ilk.

The Washing Machine X9 tool removes duplicates and unnecessary files to save space (and speed) in terms of storage while Parental Controls regulate the use of your Mac by children. The presence of all these services provides comprehensive protection against the majority of external threats. This is a great opportunity to be able to take advantage of the Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack at such a price on Intego.

Low price for maximum security on your MacBook

The Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack is not just an antivirus, it offers a much more general solution that avoids many risks, regardless of their nature. You ensure the safety of your browsing and your data, but also that of children who have access to the MacBook concerned. Thanks to the current offer, the price of the pack is 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros, a minimum price for maximum security over time.

For years, Intego has been a must in the antivirus market. The Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack is available as a license that allows you to equip several MacBooks. The formula currently costs 44.09 euros (instead of 89.99 euros) for one year on 3 computers and 54.99 euros (instead of 109.99 euros) on 5 computers. By opting for a 2-year license, you can save some extra money.

To see the Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack on Intego, it’s here:

See the Premium X9 bundle

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