The 34-inch Xiaomi PC gaming screen is at 408 €

The 34 inch Xiaomi Mi BHR4269GL is today offered at 408 euros at Banggood. Delivery from Europe.

Already available in several countries for a few months, this screen landed in France in September of this year. The Xiaomi Mi BHR4269GL is nevertheless already benefiting from a promotion which brings down its price at 408 euros

Take advantage of the offer at Banggood

The Xiaomi Mi BHR4269GL in detail

This Xiaomi PC monitor is above all dedicated to gaming. The Xiaomi Mi BHR4269GL uses a VA panel with a diagonal of 34 inch. This allows it to offer a display ratio of 21: 9 and ultra-wide definition of 3440 × 1440. In terms of responsiveness, it is not left out, with an appreciable refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Even if it is not as curved as the best monitors from Samsung, this one offers a curvature of 1000R, enough to ensure better immersion in video games. In addition, this Xiaomi monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync, in order to obtain a much smoother movement. For information, the response time is not exceptional, since it is 4 ms.

Practical and customizable, the Xiaomi Mi BHR4269GL allows you to adjust the height of the frame, as well as its vertical tilt. Its foot, here in Y, can pivot on its axis. In addition, it is possible to remove the stand from the monitor, and attach it to a wall, which is noticeable on a 34-inch (86.4 cm!) Screen.

Finally, the connection is provided by conventional video inputs: 2 DisplayPort and 2 HDMI 2.0. Always useful, a 3.5mm audio output jack has also been included.

Take advantage of the offer at Banggood

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