The date of the next Resident Evil Showcase revealed!

As fans patiently await the release of the next Resident Evil, Capcom is revealing more and more information as time goes on, with an upcoming dedicated showcase on April 15.

Credit: Capcom

Capcom once again thrills fans of the franchise Resident Evil, by promising them a Resident Evil Showcase in a very short time, namely next April 15th. Night owls will therefore be able to discover new information concerning the next Resident Evil Village during this showcase which will be held on the night of April 15 to 16. Starting at midnight, Capcom will share a new trailer for the eighth installment, as well as new gameplay clips. Something to satisfy the curiosity of many who are waiting for the release of the title on May 7 next.

We could also expect from this Resident Evil Showcase the release date of the free demo planned for all platforms. Last January, after the previous Resident Evil Showcase, a demo called “Maidden” was made available only on PS5, letting players explore the surroundings of the castle. Capcom had subsequently promised another demo, this time available to all. We can therefore expect that this new edition of the Resident Evil Showcase will result in the availability of this demo.

Capcom has also taken care to remind players that the open beta for the game RE:Verse is now available until April 11 at 8 a.m. It’s available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As a reminder, RE :Verse is an indie game that will be delivered for free with Resident Evil Village and which is a multiplayer title in the franchise universe. This beta is therefore an opportunity for the next holders of Resident Evil Village to test its game mechanics and thus give their feedback to Capcom for possible improvements.

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